Retail Produce Stands

Last Update:

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  • Owner Sims can store and sell produce from it's inventory

  • Non-Owner Sims can purchase stored produce from it's inventory

  • Custom animations for shoppers

  • Additional slots to add decor or sell objects from

  • Buy/Sell functionality only works on retail lots


  • Any mod that overrides any of the 'retailCustomerSituation...' resources

You can find these in Retail and Outdoor Activities. They come in my Farmer’s Market Woods palette. Be sure to install the Textures file or they won’t show up properly in game.

  • EP01 – Produce Stand – TEXTURES

  • EP01 – Produce Stand – Spring

  • EP01 – Produce Stand – Summer

  • EP01 – Produce Stand – Fall

  • EP01 – Produce Stand – Winter

You’ll find different seasonal variations of this stand and you can have one or all of them in your game at the same time. I separated them because the polys are kinda high on some of these and I wanted to give you options.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Required Files:

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Tuning needed for functional retail objects.

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Optional Files

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Makes inventory objects have their own inventory and do not share with other of the same type.


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More Info:

This object is a retail fridge like the Lice Cold Freezer from Get to work and it functions the same way. I had to cobble together some different animations so the Sims shopping actions didn’t break immersion.

These Stands will also get dirty from shopping Sims interacting with it. I got creative and made a mossy dirt overlay for it since it’s made of wood and primarily for outdoors. 

Your Sim and their employees will need to get the spray out to clean it every so often or your customers won’t be happy with the smell!

They also have some additional slots so you can decorate it or sell items from them. If you want to decorate it with produce be sure to place it in build mode otherwise it will just go directly into the Produce Stand inventory.


Update Notes:

  • fixed issue where sims wouldn't visit the lot and shop from retail objects

  • fixed issue where sims kept putting books in the retail object inventory

  • Any other retail mod altering the 'retailCustomerSituation...' resources will conflict with this mod


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