Upscale Window and Door Addon


These are mostly all Medium height windows & doors, although the shorter versions I’ve made can be used on the Short walls with the MOO cheat.

  • Upscale Archway of Prominence

  • Upscale Archway of Prominence 2-tile

  • Tall Upscale Archway of Prominence (full wall height)

  • Taller Upscale Archway of Prominence

  • Upscale Iron Scrollwork Arch

  • Shorter Upscale Iron Scrollwork Arch

  • Shorter Upscale Iron Scrollwork Door

  • Taller Ventana De Longing – All Sizes

  • Ventana De Longing – Slot Override – All Sizes

I got the idea for these during a build where I wanted a shorter version of the ironwork door. I figured I’d make them the same height as the windows that EA gave us so they line up nicely but as usual once I got started it grew into a set lol.

I’ve also separated the arch part of the Prominence door to use as an arch and the taller version is actually the only one I made for tall walls.

I made some slot overrides for the Ventana De Longing windows so that the curtain slots are at the same height as the slots on my doors.


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