Bridal Closet

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

  • ABP Closet System – Box 1 & 2

  • ABP Closet System – Shoebox

  • ABP Closet System – Women Heels

  • ABP Closet System – Women Open Toe Shoes

  • Bridal Hanger Rod

  • Bridal Hanger with Dress – Bridesmaid

  • Bridal Hanger with Dress – Chateau Ghost

  • Bridal Hanger with Dress – Wedding Mermaid

  • Bridal Hanger with Dress – Wedding Tiered

  • Bridal Hanger with Dress – Bustle

All of the ABP Closet System files are updates from the original set so be sure to replace them with these. I’ve added some white and gray swatches to all of them to go with the bridal shop theme. The Hanger Rod has slots so that all of the Bridal Hanger with Dress objects will sit in them and they’ll look like the image you see above. This rod sticks out a bit farther than the ABP Closet Rod and looks very nice in-between two walls.

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