Foraging Mod

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  • View the list HERE

  • Allows sims to find certain harvestables in landscaping plants

  • Sims may get good or bad buffs while foraging

  • Can forage for wood to use with my other mods

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Required Files:

Misc ingredients that can be used for food and crafting recipes.

A mod that allows your sims to forage in certain plants for ingredients!

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Optional Files:



More Info:

The following is included in the download file:

  • MOD - BG - Forage

  • New Plant Files

  • Various Override Plant Files

This mod adds a foraging interaction to some of the plants in-game. When you forage you will find different fruits, veggies, herbs, and bugs depending on the type of plant you forage from. You will also have an option on trees and bushes to forage for wood, which can be used as ingredients for some of my other mods. Here is a quick list of the different plant types of plants you can forage from:

  • Bushes

  • Flowers

  • Grasses

  • Rocks

  • Shrubs

  • Trees

There are 2 types of plant files included, and a link to some rocks that needed to use this mod. You can use them separately or all together.

  1. Foraging Plants – New Files – adds some plants to the game that cost 0 simoleons that you can forage from. Their names start with ‘Forage-able…’ These are good for people wanting play survival or history challenges and includes base game objects only.

  2. Foraging Plants – Overrides Files – this overrides a bunch of plants in-game so that you can forage from them; you’ll find options for other expansion/game packs as well as base game. I’ll be adding more in the future.

  3. Rock Files – you’ll need to download my objects HERE for foraging rocks. I’ll be adding more in the future.