Artifact Unlocks
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Update Notes:

What this Mod Does:

  • Allows you to place all types of artifacts in all rarities and qualities


  • Adds option to change rarity, quality, and authentication

Resources that Conflict:

  • ancientArtifact_Discovery_Authenticated

  • ancientArtifact_Discovery_Authenticated_Low

  • ancientArtifact_Discovery_Clump

  • ancientArtifact_Discovery_Unauthenticated

  • ancientArtifact_QualityLevel_High

  • ancientArtifact_QualityLevel_Low

  • ancientArtifact_States_Discovery

  • ancientArtifact_States_QualityLevel

  • Collectible_RarityState





Mod Details:

These can be found in Decor > Sculptures by enabling the ‘bb.showhiddenobjects’ cheat. Please only use one of the following files: 

  • MOD-EA_GP06_Artifacts_ChooseQualityRarity

  • MOD_GP06_ArtifactUnlocks

The first file (the newest version) requires the XmlInjector. It's a mod that adds an additional interaction to the artifact items you find in the debug catalog. It allows you to choose the states of the artifacts, giving you the option to change the Quality, Authentication State, and Rarity. This will only work on artifact items in the catalog that are named (ex. Amazonite Harvest Knife). 

Also, there's a bit of a lag after you change the quality. It will fix itself if you leave the lot and come back or you can see that it's changed because the price changes. If you start with a dirt clump, choose the quality, and then choose the authentication that matches that quality then you will see the quality change immediately. 

The second file (the original version) contains individual objects and does not require the XmlInjector mod.  There are 107 Artifacts Total; All Quality and Rarity combinations. I put them in debug because there are so many of them I wanted to make sure it didn’t clutter the catalog. The rarity and quality will be listed in the object description. They will show up as dirt clumps in the catalog but will turn into the appropriate artifact once placed.

I also edited the prices of each version of these but they may not match the prices of what you find in world. I didn’t make them worth more than the max value of artifacts found in-game though so it shouldn’t be too cheaty.

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