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Double and Single Mattresses can be found in Comfort > Beds. Double and Single Frames, pillows, and/or curtains can be found in Comfort > Misc. Toddler Mattresses and Frames can be found in Kids > Toddlers. Includes all beds from the following packs:

  • BG

  • EP01

  • EP03

  • GP01

  • GP04

  • GP05

  • SP07

  • SP09

Files with the name ‘HIDER’ will hide all the original beds so they don’t show up in the catalog.

This was a ton of work but I think it was worth it. I’ve separated all the beds but left the original prices and stats on them. Prices are split between the mattress and the frame; 1/3 of it for the mattress and 2/3 for the frame. I still like the idea of my sims having to sleep on a crappy mattress that makes their back hurt lol.

The AirKushn frames are still able to be swiped into your sims inventory.

These are all new objects because I plan on recoloring them at some point later so feel free to do the same, just be sure to follow my creator policy (see link below). I made hiders for all the beds except the cot, the reward bed, and the jail bed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I’m going to leave the links up for these but I will not be supporting them anymore. They work with Cats & Dogs and University but cats still float on them. If there is a batch fix for this I will update them.

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