New Ingredients & Tag Edits

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* Should not conflict with SCCO

  • Uses some unused EA tags to create new ingredient types for my custom recipes

  • Edits some current tags to work as specific ingredient types for my custom recipes

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More Info:

Ingredient tags allow you to choose from several ingredients in a specific category when cooking/making drinks. I was going through all the new ingredients and ingredient tags that were added to the game and wanted to tidy them up a bit to use with my recipes. Some of them also didn't make a whole lot of sense or didn't get a whole lot of use so I came up with some alternatives that I think work well both alone and together.

Some of these ingredient tags will effect other recipes in-game but they should still make sense for the most part. Any tags that I re-purposed and are used in other recipes (like the Crawfish ingredient tag) still relate to their original ingredient type but will allow for a wider use in other recipes.

Changed Ingredient Names:

Egg ➦ Any Egg

Any Crawfish ➦ Any Shellfish

Any Fish ➦ Any Seafood

Any Flour or Sugar ➦ Any Flour

Any Meat Substitute ➦ Any Refined Meat Substitute

Any Mushroom, Aubergine, Soy Bean, or Faux Meat Cubes ➦ Any Meat Alternative

New Ingredient Types:

Any Leafy Vegetable

Any Fish

Any Sweetener

Any Nuts