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This mod introduces a new Canning skill to the game. Sims will gradually acquire the ability to can increasingly complex items, starting with simple jams and progressing to complete meals and rare jams! Sims who reach the maximum level of this skill can sell their canned products to the Fresh Farms Co-op and earn a substantial profit!

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Canning Skill






This mod includes an optional override for the canning recipes in Cottage Living. If you use the override, you won't need any custom recipes to fully max out this skill.

If you choose not to use the override, you'll need at least one of my custom canning recipes for each skill level. You can find these recipes by using the search filters on the Crafting page. Here are a few recipes you can download that will get you started: 

Tomato Basil Sauce | Kalamata Olives | Red Bean Paste | Tomato Soup

The Skill

You can acquire this skill by reading the first of several Canning Skill books, which can be purchased wherever books are sold. Sims can gain levels by reading all books or by crafting canned goods. Recipes can also be found under the 'Canning' menu in the Brazen Homestead Cookbook & Craftbook. 

This is a 5-level skill. As your sim levels up this skill, various interactions become available. Social options allow sims to chat about or give tips on Canning. Additionally, there is a club activity for Canning, which requires the Get Together pack. Another interaction involves counters, where sims can 'Sanitize' countertops to increase the chance of producing higher quality canned goods.

Canning Goods

Each canning recipe will yield 6 jars of canned goods. Most of these can be used as ingredients in recipes or eaten directly from the jar. When sims eat any of my custom recipes from the jar, it will satisfy their hunger based on the appropriate level. For example, eating canned veggies will make your sim feel more full compared to eating a condiment.


Unless you have the 'Simple Living' lot trait active, all ingredients are optional. If you're using the override, the same applies to those recipes except for the oversized veggie recipes. Those will require ingredients, but you'll only need 1 harvestable per recipe, and you'll get 4, 8, or 12 jars depending on the size of the harvestable.

Skill Max

As your sim levels up, additional recipes will become available based on the custom recipes you have installed. The unlocked recipes follow a progression similar to the canning recipes in Cottage Living. Once your sim reaches the maximum level in this skill, they can sell their canned goods to the local Food Co-Op at a higher price.

Optional: Override File

There is a separate file in the downloads folder that will override the canning recipes from Cottage Living. Please read on for more details. If you don't install this file, the recipes will remain the same, requiring ingredients and the Homestyle Cooking Skill. This file may conflict with any other mod that alters these recipes.

The optional override file for the canning recipes from Cottage Living will make them require my Canning Skill instead of the Homestyle Cooking skill. Ingredients are optional, and I've made the recipes compatible with the Simple Living lot trait. These recipes work similarly to my other recipes - if you have all the listed ingredients, the recipe will cost a small fee (to cover the cost of the jars). 

Otherwise, the cost will be reduced for each ingredient you have. If you're using the Simple Living lot trait, ingredients are required to craft the recipes.

This override also includes some other adjustments:

  • I've changed the cost to craft canned goods so it more accurately reflects the cost of ingredients, making retail endeavors more worthwhile.

  • Recipes will require more types of ingredients.

  • Sims will receive more cans when they complete a recipe.

  • The idea of most vegetable conserves didn't make sense to me so I've reworked them as if they were pickled veggies.

Add-ons & Future Content

More canning recipes can be found as separate downloads on my Crafting page.