Toddler Seating & Floor Deco


  • Plump Pillow Pad Seating – Portable (also requires GP01)

  • Plump Pillow Pad Seating – No Small Pillow

  • Plump Pillow Pad Seating – Small Leaning Pillow

  • Packanack Blanket – 3x4ish

  • Packanack Blanket – Single 2×2 (New Mesh)

  • Packanack Blanket – Single 4×4 (New Mesh)

  • PartyPoppers – Floor Pillows

  • The Brat Mat 3×3

The Portable version of the seating requires Outdoor Retreat. I thought it would be cool to take this out camping or if you wanted to setup a movie night somewhere. The rugs were way too large so I shrank the versions we given, then I separated the Packanack blanket into a single version with all swatches from the original (plus a tiny edit on the clouds rug). I also made this in 2 sizes for ease of use. If you don’t mind up-sizing your rug you really only need the 2×2. Just note that when you up-size a rug and you want to move it you have to aim at the middle of the rug instead of the edges or it won’t grab. I hate fidgeting with this so I just made a 4×4 too.


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