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There are 144 objects and I will NOT be listing them. Say what you will, but this page would be way too long and I'm pretty sure I'd get arthritis at the end of it with all that typing lol.

I made this to celebrate hitting 1,000 followers on my Tumblr! I can’t believe it, thanks everyone for all the love and support. I won’t do this probably ever again, but I made all of these Base Game compatible! It actually turned out to be easier to do them that way. Most objects have multiple variations and some objects have slots so you can stack them. I also threw in a couple of food signs I put together from the City Living textures.
The pile of ingredients can be used alone or with the bowls from my kitchen clutter set.
The textures are okay on most of these, some not so much but feel free to use these as a base for recolors. Just be sure to check my Creator Policy first and let me know if you recolor them so I can share and download them for my self. All fruits and veggies are not included, just the ones I found in debug.

cured reblochon.png


Mega Food & Pantry Clutter Set


Most objects you'll find on my site are texture-reliant, meaning that they use textures that are already in-game instead of using new textures. This is why you will see that a lot of my objects require the original pack to use.


Textures have a tendency to take up a lot of space so texture-reliant objects mean space for more CC!

Read the info above so you understand what this content does.
Make sure you have the most recent version of any Required Mods installed.


Install by placing these files in your Sims 4 Mods folder.

Do NOT put ts4script files more than one folder deep.


Alternate Download:


Click the button below to download this file from Curseforge.

No login or app installation required.


Related Objects


adzuki bean.png

Ranch Living Clutter

adzuki bean.png

French Quarter Hanging Plants

adzuki bean.png

Ranch Kitchen Clutter

adzuki bean.png

Paranormal Clutter

adzuki bean.png

Werewolves Plants

adzuki bean.png

High Spirits & Steezy Skis

adzuki bean.png

Bar-less Boss Bus

adzuki bean.png

Amy's Garden Plants

adzuki bean.png

Laundry Day Clutter

adzuki bean.png

Eco Lifestyle Small Plants

An extra special Thanks to the Patrons who contributed to this content!

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