Purple Carrot

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Ingredient Type:




Harvest Season:

Spring & Fall

Growing Season:

Spring - Fall


Buy from Grocery Stall


Grow in Vertical Planter

Male Gender Chance

020-insect-4 (1).png

Doesn't do well in the heat and will go dormant if exposed to heat waves.

Cool Season Crop

020-insect-4 (1).png

Doesn't need many nutrients from the soil so it evolves quickly.

Light Feeder

Required Files:

Meshes and tuning needed for certain garden plants.

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Optional Files:

Allows sims to find harvestables in seed packets and record plant info in their notebook. Adds new interactions to computers.

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Most of my Plants...

  • ​Sway with the wind

  • Have leaf color changes throughout the season

  • Have wet leaves when it rains

  • Have shadows during the day

  • Have vertical planter versions

Compatible With...

  • Any CC Recipe that Uses it's Ingredient Type

  • Any CC Harvestables from Other Creators

  • Spells & Magic

  • Conservationism

  • Seasons & Weather

  • Pets & Toddlers

  • Craft Sales Tables

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