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Ingredient Type:

Herb, Flower



Harvest Season:


Growing Season:

Summer - Fall


Buy from Grocery Stall


Grow in Vertical Planter

020-insect-4 (1).png

Monarch Butterflies will spawn near this plant, you can also collect them!

Attracts Monarchs*

020-insect-4 (1).png

Bees love this plant and will be calmer if these are placed near the beebox.

Bees Love *

020-insect-4 (1).png

Scent has a chance to make your Sim Inspired or Focused, depending on their skills.

Fragrant Flower *

Required Files:

Requires GP01 - Outdoor Retreat. Tuning needed for plants to spawn catchable insects. Will produce minor LE's if not installed for plants that require it.

Tuning needed for plants that have garden effects like nutrient fixing and bees love.

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Optional Files:

Allows sims to find harvestables in seed packets and record plant info in their notebook. Adds new interactions to computers.

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Most of my Plants...

  • ​Sway with the wind

  • Have leaf color changes throughout the season

  • Have wet leaves when it rains

  • Have shadows during the day

  • Have vertical planter versions

Compatible With...

  • Any CC Recipe that Uses it's Ingredient Type

  • Any CC Harvestables from Other Creators

  • Spells & Magic

  • Conservationism

  • Seasons & Weather

  • Pets & Toddlers

  • Craft Sales Tables

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