Chanterelle Mushroom

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Ingredient Type:

Mushroom, Veggie



Harvest Season:

Summer, Fall

Growing Season:

Summer, Fall


Special Attributes

Blue Morpho Butterflies will spawn near this plant, you can also collect them!

Attracts Blue Morpho *

Needs lots of nutrients to grow so it takes longer to evolve. Extra fertilizer helps.

Heavy Feeder

Needs more water than the average plant.

Moisture Loving



Allows sims to find harvestables in seed packets and record plant info in their notebook. Adds new interactions to computers.


This mushroom will attract Blue Morpho Butterflies under the right conditions that you can catch. The BG version will not spawn butterflies. This type of mushroom grows along the roots of a dead wood stump and gives a large Summer & Fall Harvest. It can also be found while foraging.

When you put these in a pot the dirt will stick out a little, these are mainly intended to be used outdoors.

Most of My Plants...

  • ​Sway with the wind

  • Have leaf color changes throughout the season

  • Have wet leaves when it rains

  • Have shadows during the day

  • Have vertical planter versions

Compatible With...

  • Dorm Chests

  • Spells & Magic

  • Conservationism

  • Seasons Weather

  • Pets

  • Toddlers

  • Grocery Stall

  • Craft Sales Tables

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