Cowplant Flour

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This recipe will allow you to make this ingredient using my mill object. You will craft a bag that you can measure 8 servings from, and those servings can be used as ingredients in food recipes.

You'll need the 'Cowplant Farming Mod' if you'd like to use the Cowplant Tendril ingredients. The dangerous nature of clipping those tendrils is also what makes this ingredient a bit pricier.




Homestyle Lvl. 1

Measured Serving / Sack

Cowplant Tendrils x2

Ingredients Optional

Ingredients Reduce Cost to §0

Power Required

SCCO Ingredient

Sellable to Village Stall

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Custom Harvestables:

Custom Ingredients:

Required Files:

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Appliance used to create milled ingredients.

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Compatible With...

  • Junk/Health Food Lifestyles

  • Recycling & Freegans

  • Dorm Chests

  • Magic Spells

  • Toddlers & Pets

  • Sack Lunches

  • Craft Sales Tables

  • Retail

  • Restaurants

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  • Ingredients and steps decrease as recipe gets smaller

  • Custom buffs

  • Can be cooked autonomously (with Xml Injector)

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