Selvadoradian Table & Clutter


  • Basket 1

  • Basket 2

  • Decluttered Craft Table

  • Fabric Box 1

  • Fabric Box 2

  • Fabric Box 3

  • Fabric Roll 1

  • Fabric Roll 2

  • Fabric Roll 3

  • Fabric Roll 4

  • Stacked Open Box Crates

Just some good ‘ole clutter for your sims. Neat for a thrift store or outdoor market. I tried really hard to make this table into a dining table but I couldn’t get it to function the way I wanted it to. Instead of wasting the time I spent on the mesh I decided to just release it as an emptied version of the original. I quite like it as a display table too, I’m thinking I’ll probably be adding some recolors to it later


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