Harvestable Plants Overhaul

Last Update:

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See list HERE

  • Changes the meshes and textures for the harvestables listed HERE

  • Adds vertical plant options for some EA plants

  • Changes the seasonality of plants to be more realistic

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Required Files:

Meshes and tuning needed for certain garden plants.

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Optional Files:



More Info:

NOTE: I've condensed these files so if you have any older files with 'SeasonAdjustments' or 'HarvestableOverhaul' in the title then please be sure to delete them and install this new version instead!

Patrons voted overwhelmingly to update the world plants with the overhaul, so I’ve included these as well. This means all plants that you find outside of all the normal lots will have the same look as any overhauled garden plants. There will be a few exceptions, like grapes and blackberries, because the garden variant has a more structured/trellised shape than you would actually find in the wild.

The Garden Plants file is now required for the Overhaul to work properly. I've also updated a few items, like making the kale plant larger, so please delete any of the old files and replace them with the new ones.

The dirt override file makes the snow around the harvestable dirt mound look more consistent with the surrounding snow.