Bog Mud Puddles

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  • Same functionality as Mud Puddles

  • Waters harvestable plants

  • Dogs & Cats can drink from

  • Dogs can play in

  • Can destroy electrical objects in vicinity of puddle

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Required Files:

Tuning needed for puddle objects & mods.

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Optional Files:



More Info:

Can be found in Outdoor Activities.

  • EP05 – Bog Mud Puddle 1

  • EP05 – Bog Mud Puddle 2

  • EP05 – Bog Mud Puddle 3

These will function like regular mud puddles but have a few more features and will not evaporate. Keep in mind that they will keep your harvestable watered but will not bring it back if it's dried out.