Bog Mud Puddles

I made these to keep plants that require constant moisture watered, like my Cranberries. These have all the major functionality of mud puddles with some added interactions for pets that allow them to play in and drink from them.




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How it Works

These will function like regular mud puddles but have a few more features and will not evaporate. Keep in mind that they will keep your harvestable watered but will not bring it back if it's dried out.

There are some added interactions for pets that allow them to play in and drink from them like regular puddles. Dogs will get dirty much faster than if they were playing in a normal puddle!

These can be kind of cheaty if you use them all over the place, but if you do that you will have very dirty sims constantly slipping on them lol. They will also alter environment scores negatively for some Sims.


If you have another mod that includes/changes the resources below, then it will conflict with this mod.

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Technical Info

Required Mods:

Shared Puddle Tuning

Tuning needed for puddle objects & mods



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Read the info above so you understand what this file does.
Download the most updated version of any Required Mods, if you don't already have them.
Download the file from the link below.
Install by placing these files in your Sims 4 Mods folder.


Download link not working? This item may be undergoing updates. Please check the current status of this item HERE.

Optional Mods:


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