Woodworking Uses Wood

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Update Notes:

What this Mod Does:

  • Adds optional ingredients to all of the woodworking recipes

Resources that Conflict:

  • All ‘recipe_woodwork’ resources




Mod Details:

This mod overrides all the woodworking recipes to use the wood ingredient that can be found while foraging using my Foragin Mod. 

Some woodworking recipes use a few upgrade parts as well. 

These ingredients are not required but will reduce the cost of crafting the item to 0.

Most of My Recipes...

  • Ingredients Scale by Recipe Size

  • Have Custom Recipe Steps & Props

  • Have Custom Meshes

  • Have Custom Buffs

  • Sims Won't Auto-Consume after Cooking

Compatible With...

  • Freegans

  • Dorm Chests

  • Spells & Magic

  • Pets

  • Lunch Sacks

  • Toddlers

  • Restaurants

  • Craft Sales Tables

Made Using...


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