Functional RV's

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Update Notes:


  • Can sleep, plan outfits, relax, or nap inside the RV like a tent

  • Is portable so your sim can take it with them







There are 3 variations of the trailer from Strangerville:

  • Camping RV 01 – 2 colors

  • Streamline Camping RV

You will need the Camping RV file installed to use the Streamline Camping RV.

A Patron requested these and I obliged! These literally function just like the large tent from GP01 – Outdoor Retreat and you’ll need both that pack and GP07 – Strangerville for these to work properly.

Sims will crouch down a bit getting in these as if they were the tent. Because these are really just liberated objects I didn’t spend too much time on them and just changed out a couple of tunings. I may create a version with better animations in the future.

Most of My Recipes...

  • Ingredients Scale by Recipe Size

  • Have Custom Recipe Steps & Props

  • Have Custom Meshes

  • Have Custom Buffs

  • Sims Won't Auto-Consume after Cooking

Compatible With...

  • Freegans

  • Dorm Chests

  • Spells & Magic

  • Pets

  • Lunch Sacks

  • Toddlers

  • Restaurants

  • Craft Sales Tables

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