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What this Mod Does:

  • Fish dropped onto the lid will swim around like an aquarium

  • Owner Sims can store and sell fish from the tank inventory

  • Sims can 'Take All' from the tank inventory

  • Non-Owner Sims can purchase stored fish from the tank inventory

  • Custom animations for shoppers

  • Buy/Sell functionality only works on retail lots

Resources that Conflict:

  • None




Mod Details:

Can be found in Retail.

  • GP04 – Retail Fridge – Aquarium in a Box – Aquarium Lid

  • GP04 & EP01 – Retail Fridge – Aquarium in a Box – Tank

  • GP04 – Retail Fridge – Aquarium in a Box – Decor 1

  • GP04 – Retail Fridge – Aquarium in a Box – Decor 2

I made this for my fish market. It comes in several modular pieces you stack to get an aquarium that customers can automatically buy fish from!

Why did I make it modular? Well I couldn’t get the tunings to mesh together but I really wanted to be able to see the fish I put in it swimming around so I tried to get the best of both worlds.

The Tank Lid has it’s own storage and functions like an aquarium, whatever fish you put in there will swim around and their freshness will not deteriorate. The Tank itself functions like a retail fridge, it will keep fish fresh and allow sims to purchase the fish directly from it’s inventory.

To put this together:

  1. Place the Tank Lid on the ground

  2. Add any Deco items you want to the slot on the sand in the Tank Lid

  3. Add the Lid with Deco to the slot in the Tank

  4. Put the Tank where it’s going to go.

You may need to use the MOO cheat to put everything together.

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