Fishing Cooler

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What this Mod Does:

  • Portable; can store in Sim's inventory

  • Drag and drop functionality

  • Functions similar to a fridge to keep fish fresh

  • Custom drink recipes

  • Buff chances from drinks that help with fishing skill

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Mod Details:

Can be found in Outdoor Activities.

  • GP01 – Fishing Cooler

The following recipes are included and are part of the ‘Grab a Drink’ menu.

  • Bottled Water

  • Pond Pop

  • Bass Brew

  • Catfish Cooler

This functions similar to EA’s but you can only put fish inside. This also comes with 4 different drinks that have a chance to give your Sim special buffs to help with fishing. Unfortunately, you can also get an uncomfortable buff because grabbing a drink that just spent hours next to your freshly caught fish is bound to make your hands smell bad lol.

Each drink will give you a chance for different custom buffs as well as the ‘Refreshing Drink’ buff you’d normally get from a cooler drink. They will all lower your Sims body temperature on a hot day and they all have a smaller effect on the bladder than normal cooler drinks.

Most of My Recipes...

  • Ingredients Scale by Recipe Size

  • Have Custom Recipe Steps & Props

  • Have Custom Meshes

  • Have Custom Buffs

  • Sims Won't Auto-Consume after Cooking

Compatible With...

  • Freegans

  • Dorm Chests

  • Spells & Magic

  • Pets

  • Lunch Sacks

  • Toddlers

  • Restaurants

  • Craft Sales Tables

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