Halloween Doughnuts

Last Update:

There are 4 recipes in this file. They all will look like plain chocolate doughnuts when you make them so you'll need to actually decorate them. When your Sims decorate them they'll have a chance to get 1 of 3 patterns for each doughnut type:

  • Halloween Doughnuts - basic coat of frosting with 3 color variations

  • Cute Halloween Doughnuts - ghost, vampire, frankenstein

  • Creepy Halloween Doughnuts - eyeballs, monster, spiderweb

  • Candy Corn Doughnuts - candy corn pattern with 3 color variations

All of these doughnuts will stack in the same pile like bread loaves, so this should keep your inventory from getting too cluttered.

NOTE: I will be updating these in the future with ingredients and adjusting the retail amounts based on those ingredients in the near future. 





Baking Lvl. 4

Baking Lvl. 1





Dessert Course

Ingredients Reduce Cost to §0

Requires Power

Spooky Party Food


Custom Ingredients



Required Files:

Last Update: 

Cookbook object that allows you to cook my custom recipes as well as some in-game recipes. Has regular cooking menus, cultural menus, and a seasonal menu.

Last Update: 

Tuning needed for most custom recipes.

Last Update: 

Tunings needed for food and drink buffs to work properly.

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Optional Files

Last Update: 

Adds recipes to menus in-game (fridge, woodworking bench, etc)


Update Notes:

Compatible With...

  • Junk/Health Food Lifestyles

  • Recycling & Freegans

  • Dorm Chests

  • Magic Spells

  • Toddlers & Pets

  • Sack Lunches

  • Craft Sales Tables

  • Retail

  • Restaurants

Most of My Recipes...

  • Custom recipe steps and cooking objects

  • Custom dish meshes and textures

  • Cost to make = cost of all ingredients. This means sims won't spend more § on ingredients than what it actually costs to cook the recipe.   

  • Ingredients and steps decrease as recipe gets smaller

  • Custom buffs

  • Can be cooked autonomously (with Xml Injector)

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