Orange Fizzy Juice

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Can be crafted after adding the right number of ingredients to the Juice Fizzing Station.

  • recipe - Fizzing - EP09 - Fizzy Juice - Orange

I liked the idea of having fizzy drinks that are more like sodas than alcoholic drinks so mine don't give the normal fizzy-drunk buffs and instead give custom buffs based off their ingredients. Fizzy Juice has a higher chance of giving a buff since it has more concentrated flavor.

I also added an option to grab a bottle and put it into your inventory. I'm not sure why this option wasn't there before but now your sim can grab a bottle to take with them for later!



Orange x2 / Orange x5


Bottle / Case

Junk Food

Ingredients Required

Power Required


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Custom Harvestables:

Custom Ingredients:

Required Files:

Tuning needed for any Fizzing Recipes to work properly.

Tunings needed for food and drink buffs to work properly.

Optional Files:



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