Recent Updates Log:

Jul 21, 2021

Content Patch Status & Updates - 1.77.131


✔️ = Ok 

✳️ = Updated

❌ = Needs Update

Mod Fixes

✔️Book Fixes - needs updating but not causing game issues

✳️Store in Retail Fridge - tuning updates 

✳️No Shared Inventory - tuning updates, picnic basket can now hold 7 items instead of 4 

✔️All other Mod Fixes seem to be functioning without need for update

Mod Improvements

❌Harvestable Overhaul - needs tuning updates - remove the HarvestableOverhaul_Tunings file, other files work fine

❌Insect Farm Overhaul - still needs tuning updates

✳️Woodworking Uses Wood - tuning updates

✳️Vendor Stall Tweaks - updated to allow 50 stalls on a lot (I wouldn't suggest using that many though lol)

✳️Pumpkin Carving Uses Pumpkin - tuning updates

✳️Popcorn Uses Corn - tuning updates

✔️All other Mod Improvements seem to be functioning

Gameplay & Object Mods

❌Cowplant Farming - broken but not causing any major game issues; may throw LE's, adding new interactions and ingredient functionality after Cottage Living releases

❌Foraging - broken but not causing any major game issues; may throw LE's, adding new interactions and ingredient functionality after Cottage Living releases

✔️Produce Stands, Aquarium, & Iced Fish Displays - these all seem to be working fine

❌Any Stockable Produce Displays -  broken but not causing any major game issues; may not have an auto-set-for-sale feature in the future

❌Plain Table Settings - broken but not causing any major game issues

❌Shop BrazenLotus Farms - seems to be alright but overhaul needed to work with Cottage Living

✳️Voidcritter Cards & Comics - updated tuning

✔️All other Gameplay & Object Mods seem to be functioning


❌Harvestables and plants will need updating for sure, but they don't seem to be causing any major game issues...and is it just me or are harvestables getting infested super fast?

Food & Crafting Recipes

✔️Mill Recipes - functioning normally

✳️Fizzy Drink Shared Tunings - fixed an issue where you couldn't make kombucha; added Polish, Spanish, & Portuguese

❌Food Recipes - need updating but not causing issues or LE's, I was able to cook my recipes with no issues and Andrew's Craft Enabler seems to be working fine


✔️Beds - they work fine on their own but don't even ask about making them function with bunk beds, they've become a nightmare - I may just re-make them 

❌Chairs - since there's a batch fix for this it's not a priority; I will update as I have time

❌Rain Chain - needs tuning update

✔️Dressers, Desks, & anything else to do with snapping under bunk beds - works fine but needs an update to work with bunk beds

✳️Dining Table Overrides - updated number of slots and slot locations on 3x1 version

✔️As far as I can tell there are no major issues with any other objects

Jul 7, 2021

Retail Objects - All SFS

EA has changed the way something works with setting objects for sale and I can't find a way to automatically set items for sale again. I won't be looking at this until later after the new pack releases because it's likely the change relates to the upcoming content.

Apr 15, 2021

All Food Recipes

  • Added new ingredients to recipe costs

  • Updated recipes costs and retail prices

  • Updated/added consumable buffs to food and drinks

  • Updated/tidied up tunings and text

  • Fixed the recipe tags so they show up in the proper sections of the restaurant menus

  • Updated to be compatible with new Perfectionist tunings

  • Pumpkin Chili will no longer make a vegetarian sim sick

  • Added Bunny Garden cookies to restaurant menu

  • Updated all recipe descriptions

  • Fixed the missing/wrong restaurant menu image for multiple recipes

  • Removed extra text from Butaman recipe name

  • Added Portuguese and Spanish Translations

Apr 15, 2021

Mill and Mill Recipes

  • Updated text and descriptions

  • Updated costs

  • Added SCCO grocery tags to mult servings

  • Add SCCO ingredient tags to single servings

  • NOTE: I still have not changed the freshness decay for these so you'll need to store them in the fridge still. I'm looking at updating this with the drying rack.

  • Added Portuguese and Spanish Translations

Apr 15, 2021

Fizzing Recipes

  • Updated object texts and strings

  • Added bottles of fizzy juice to Drinks > Fizzy in restaurant menus

  • Added cans of seltzer to Drinks > Misc in restaurant menus

  • Updated tunings

Apr 15, 2021

Consumable Buff Tunings

  • Updated some text and fixed some grammar issues

  • Created a few new harvestable buffs

  • Added Portuguese and Spanish Translations

Apr 15, 2021

Shared Retail Tunings

  • Removed the ability for sims to automatically put books into retail objects

  • Added some new tuning for future mods

Apr 15, 2021

Cowplant Farming

  • Updated names and descriptions

  • Removed 'Cup of...' from all names to keep it simpler

  • Updated milk costs

  • Added SCCO ingredient and grocery tags

Apr 15, 2021


  • Updated tunings to be compatible with recycling, donating, and vacuuming

  • Added all harvestables to Activities & Entertainment > Outdoor Activities in the catalog so when you use the 'bb.showhiddenobjects' cheat they will all show up in that sections

  • Added some additional tuning for future projects

  • Added some new tags for future projects - this shouldn't effect anything negatively but let me know if you find my harvestables in places they shouldn't be!

  • Added Portuguese and Spanish Translations

  • Added new buffs to some harvestables

  • Added SCCO ingredient & grocery tags where applicable

  • Updated some texts and descriptions

  • Fixed yellow tomato strings so the name will no longer show up as *debug*

  • Updated sweet mint so it's edible

  • Renamed both corns, adzuki beans, sugar cane, and ginger files

  • Changed the costs to a few harvestables to make them more reasonable

Feb 20, 2021

Cowplant Farming Mod

  • Lots of cleanup like fixing/updating text, textures, etc

  • Added additional options to feed cowplant; food scraps, fish, steak, & faux meat cubes

  • Food scraps fill hunger the least, then fish, then steak fills hunger the most

  • Feeding cowplants a steak costs 50 simoleons but will give you 3 jars of milk

  • The option to feed cowplants fish or faux meat will only show up if it's in your sims inventory

  • Feeding cowplants fish will give you 2 jars of milk

  • Added custom feed animations for fish, steak, and faux meat cube

  • You will only be able to 'Fatten Up' the cowplant if you feed it food scraps first

  • When you feed faux meat to the cowplant it will become Sick

  • Your Cowplant will feel better after you milk it but you will get spoiled milk; you will also get a chance at getting one of the following seeds (from highest chance to lowest): Alien Glow Orb, Mosquito Trap, Fang Flower, Plasma Fruit, Bizzare Fruit, Quill Fruit, UFO, Forbidden Fruit

  • Updated and condensed some tunings

  • Can clip tendrils from cowplant to get the cowplant tendrils ingredient which will be used for cowplant flour (I decided to go with this option so you can harvest the ingredient without needing to get eaten first)

  • Added Strawberry Cowplant that gives strawberry milk; has matching cowberry and cowplant sprout

  • Added Chocolate Cowplant that gives chocolate milk; has matching cowberry and cowplant sprout

  • Strawberry and Chocolate Cowberry can be made by splicing a shoot from the Hybrid Cowplant onto the Strawberry bush and Cacao tree respectively

  • This mod includes an override for the strawberry fruit that shouldn't conflict with harvestable overhaul mods, although I think it may conflict with another of my mods so I'll be looking into that next week

  • You can find the Hybrid Cowberry in Appliances > Fridge, and you'll find the the Strawberry & Chocolate Cowberry there as well with the bb.showhiddenobjects cheat active

  • Adjusted interactions so that Playing with the cowplant gives the highest relationship increase, then Petting it is the next highest, and talking to the cowplant is the lowest increase

  • Added new descriptions along with some scientific names for each cowplant type

Mar 7, 2021

Hay bale chair

  • fixed hay bale chair so it shows up in the outdoor seating section

Mar 7, 2021

Shared Consumable Buffs, all Mochi, Flan, Tonkatsu, Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake, Mango, Cacao, Green Tea, Rice, Wheat, Adzuki Bean

Added new translations in Portuguese and Spanish

Mar 7, 2021

All Retail Objects

  • fixed issue where sims wouldn't visit the lot and shop from retail objects

  • fixed issue where sims kept putting books in the retail object inventory

  • Any other retail mod altering the 'retailCustomerSituation...' resources will conflict with this mod

Jan 9, 2021

Foraging Mod

  • moved ingredient tunings to Crafting Ingredients

Jan 9, 2021

Crafting Ingredients

  • added override of compost pile so you can use as an ingredient

  • updated tuning for interaction that allows you to purchase ingredients on computer

  • fixed issue where you could only select one crafting ingredient at a time from the purchase menu

  • Added ingredient tunings

  • Added dorm storage as an option for ingredient storage

  • made it so small garden pot is live-draggable

  • made crafting ingredients recyclable into bits & pieces

Jan 9, 2021

Beebox Recipe

  • finally created a section for crafting recipes on my site

  • Changed name of Woodworking Beebox Recipe so delete the old version

Jan 6, 2021

Consumable Buffs

  • updated the tuning for the pumpkin buff for pumpkin pie

Jan 3, 2021

Puddle Tunings

  • fixed issue with puddles not keeping plants watered

  • removed dripping water animation

***puddles will KEEP watered but not bring back if dried out

Jan 3, 2021

Shared Object Tunings

  • added new rain chain tunings

Jan 3, 2021

Garden Plant Effects

  • added new plant effect

Jan 3, 2021

Cutting Board Override

  • added a less saturated version

  • enlarged the board to fit dough recipe steps properly

Jan 3, 2021

Rice Harvestable

  • create a new file for rice harvestable because couldn't fix fade issue

  • lowered price

  • adjusted mesh

Jan 3, 2021

Shared Recipes

  • added new patron recipes, meshes, and custom recipe steps

Jan 3, 2021

Fresh Plate Cookbook

  • added new patron recipes

  • changed 'Cook a Gourmet Meal...' to 'Gourmet' for more consistency

  • split Cultural / Japanese menu into cooking, baking, and gourmet cooking

Dec 13, 2020

Bog Puddle Tuning

There was an update at some point that broke this. Please re-download the MOD_brazenlotus_MULT_Shared_Puddles from the link on the Bog Mud Puddle page.

Dec 12, 2020

Sophisticated Adult Single Frame

Removed from University Bed category

Nov 25, 2020

Fresh Plate Cookbook

  • Updated Tunings

Nov 25, 2020

Food Recipes

  • Updated tunings

  • Made compatible with healthy/junk food lifestyles

  • Fixed some strings

Nov 25, 2020

Fallen Angel Wing Window

  • Added textures back to file

Nov 21, 2020

Baking Recipes

  • Updated tunings for snowy escape

  • Added calories where missing, if appropriate

  • Added Spanish & Portuguese Translations

Nov 13, 2020


  • Fixed missing text strings

Nov 13, 2020

No Shared Inventory

  • Updated tunings

Nov 13, 2020

Crafting Menus List No Pie

  • Updated tunings

Nov 11, 2020


  • Fixed an issue where the seed was invisible when placing this harvestable

Nov 11, 2020

Chili Pepper, Jalapeno Pepper

  • Fixed issue where harvestables wouldn't plant properly in the vertical planter if either pepper was already planted in one of the slots

Nov 11, 2020

Harvestables, Garden Plants file

  • Updated tunings

Nov 8, 2020


  • Added missed textures back to file

Oct 22, 2020

Harvestable Overhaul

  • Updated tunings, added vertical planter variations for plants - still need to update public version seasonality!